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Candidate Services

Services We Offer Candidates

Managing your career is often a challenging and difficult course of action. In this process it is very helpful to have a long-term relationship with a good recruiter, regardless of whether you are actively looking for a new job. This is an important relationship, and should be an ongoing relationship. At Brethet Barnum, we can help guide you through the process.

Recruiters, particularly industry specific recruiters, know the marketplace. They know what is going on out there, which companies are hot and which are not. A good recruiter will discuss a career plan with you, where you want to go, and the best way to get there. At Brethet, Barnum we will take the time to consult with you. We will help you to assess and evaluate your personal market value, and discuss ways to increase your value. We can help you with your options, and discuss with you what your next career move could be. As your recruiter, we will help you discover opportunities and prospects that were likely unknown to you.

At Brethet, Barnum we believe you should be treated fairly and professionally; we strive to be sensitive to your needs and will maintain strict confidentiality at all times. It is our intention to develop a long-term relationship with you. It is the long-term thinker who will encourage you not to make a change for change sake, but to make a move that is good for your career, with a fit that is right for you. We will not oversell the client to you and will not push you to accept if it is not the right fit for you. We believe it is mutually beneficial, not mutually exclusive, for us to act in the best interest of both the client company and the candidate.

Good recruiters will prepare you for your next career opportunity. At Brethet Barnum we will take the time to share our insights, and provide you with in-depth knowledge about the position. We will help you to understand the corporate culture, and understand the responsibilities and requirements of the position. We will help you identify your accomplishments that will be of interest to the employer, and help you to build intrigue and interest in the interview. Most importantly, we will help you differentiate yourself and communicate the value that you bring to the company.

At Brethet, Barnum & Associates we will work with you, as a partner, throughout your career. We will foster a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. We will work together to give you an edge!



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